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ATP Unveils Leading-Edge Solutions at Embedded Technology 2017


ATP Unveils Leading-Edge Solutions at Embedded Technology 2017

3D NAND and configurable SSD solutions get the spotlight at Japan’s largest conference and exhibition of embedded technologies

Taipei, Taiwan (October 2017) – ATP Electronics, Inc. a leading manufacturer of embedded Flash, SSDs and DRAM modules, showcases its expanded portfolio of next-generation, feature-rich storage and memory solutions at the Embedded Technology and IoT Conference and Exhibition 2017 in Pacifico Yokohama from November 15 to 17.

Among the focal points of the comprehensive display at booth D-22 are 3D NAND embedded SSDs featuring unique Mid-Density and Dynamic Over-Provisioning solutions, as well as high-speed and enterprise-level density DRAM modules.

“The diversity of ATP products showcased at this prominent exhibition of embedded technologies further solidifies our position as a leading provider of highly reliable and durable products for the intensely rugged demands of industrial and enterprise segments,” said Vice President of ATP Electronics, Jeffray Hsieh.

The densities of NAND Flash products typically come in powers of 2, such as 64/128/256/512 GB and 1 TB. ATP is the first company to offer industrial-grade Mid-Density solutions, such as 96/192/384/768 GB, widening the spectrum of choices to match application needs and allocating resources more efficiently.

The ATP Dynamic Over-Provisioning solution addresses the limitation of most SSDs coming with a fixed OP percentage. This solution allows users to evaluate actual workloads and configure the over-provisioned space according to requirements using simple software. With Dynamic Over-Provisioning, users have the freedom and flexibility to optimally configure SSDs with 7%, 14%, 28% and even 50% OP setting or higher for the best-possible performance and endurance.

ATP combines wafer packaging and testing capabilities in its line of embedded SSDs featuring innovative 3D NAND MLC (multi-level cell) flash technology. 3D NAND modules overcome the limitations of 2D/planar NAND by stacking storage tiers vertically, resulting in high capacity with limited die size.

Also featured at Embedded Technology and IoT 2017 are ATP’s high-speed DRAM solutions, such as the DDR4-2666 modules for state-of-the-art Intel® Xeon® Scalable and 8th Generation Intel® Core processors. With built-in enterprise-level densities, low 1.2V power consumption, and fast 2666 MT/s data transfer rates, the latest DDR4 enhancement accelerates performance and productivity to drive enterprises to greater levels of success. All ATP DRAM modules undergo rigorous IC-level testing as well as module-level validation tests to ensure excellent reliability.


Visit the ATP booth at D-22 to learn more about these solutions.

For more information, please contact ATP regional sales, distributors, or send your inquiries to Info@atpinc.com.



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